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Dracanisa by Dracanisa

Full Name: Dracanisa Wolfheart

Aliases/Nickname (if any): Drayke (Only called this by her love interest, Mikale) Draykey (Called this by her best friend, Akaya)

Title/Occupation: Queen of her kingdom, Queen of Dragons

Age/Date of Birth: 26

Sex: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Race/Ethnicity: Human / Dragon

Skin-tone: Caucasian

Height: 5” 7’

Weight: 130LBs(human form) 150LBs(Halfling form - accounting for wings and tail) 12,000LBs (full dragon form)

Build:  Slender but well built

Eyes: Hooded, downturned-shaped, Deep violet

Hair: Longer, mid-back length, not straight, but kind of wavy. Well kempt. Has braids and beads in parts of it.

Clothes Style: Typically wears brighter colors. Vibrant clothing. Only half- human or even human in the Kingdom. Typically the Queens that rule the kingdom are painted up each day. However, because she prefers to stay in her half-ling form, she wears clothing instead. Her clothing is also a light, flexible armor. Dark rich browns and bright tans and bright off-whites are typical, accented with reds to symbolize the Fire dragon clan.

Tattoos/Markings/Piercing/Scars: Ears are pierced, two on her left ear, three on her right ear. Her wings are pierced around the bones and into the wing membrane. Evenly on both sides, Typically this is only done to the leaders as an aesthetic value, adorn the leaders with precious metals, a practice that was later adopted by the humans.

Religion/Beliefs: No religion. Believes in “live and let live” but food is sacred because lives must be sacrificed to feed themselves. When another animal life is taken, it must be honored and thanked. Believes all life is sacred. No religion.

Political Affiliation: Politics is mainly humanoid creatures business. Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Duraglos (Dark Elves), or Lo'nier. But the dragons have a military, because the humans perceive them as a threat. And without organized tactics, they are just hunted and killed off one by one.

Education: Grew up with little education. Was able to read and write a little bit, however when she lived with the elves they taught her how to read and write efficiently in a few different languages and she learned to love learning and became fascinated with new races of people and learning new things that she never even imagined could be possible or a real thing.

Languages Spoken: Common, Elvish, Rough Lo'nier understanding.

Weapons: Proficient in using her abilities in combat and can use a short sword or blade well.

Special Skills/Abilities: Her magic was a rough time learning how to use, but she eventually she was able to get it under control. The magic she possesses is healing magic and small bursts of energy that can knock back opponents far away, and off of cliffs. Her healing magic isn’t very powerful, but it can prolong someone’s life until an actual cleric or doctor can attend to the wounded. Her magic also allows her to morph her body between dragon, half dragon, and human forms. She can change her appearance as well, but only in her human form. She is able to morph parts of her body on command and quickly, but it does drain her energy.

Hobbies:  Studying, fighting, training fledglings to fly, observing the wilderness and keeping to herself a lot.

Habits: Her anger ebbed away and it became more of a loner and a thinker. She spends a lot of time in an inner garden in the heart of the mountains where the fledglings are raised. She writes a lot, writing in common the knowledge of the Elves that was passed on to her.


Backstory: Dracanisa grew up in a small farming village called Kado on the eastern half of the continent. Her mother, Krynn, was a baker who provided for the entire village. She grew up not knowing her father. Her grandfather was the elder of the village. Her best friend, Mikale went everywhere with her. He was meek so she felt as though she had to protect him from the world. Their relationship is very tight knit. Dracanisa was not well liked by anyone in the village because of her differences. Her strikingly purple eyes and hair seemed to set the other villagers on edge. Mainly it was the mysterious things that happened when people were around her. Objects moved on their own or fires happened frequently around her. When she was upset, objects would move and once she punched another one of the children at school who were bad mouthing her and her mother and an energy pulse, like a shockwave pretty much destroyed a room in the school house and sent the other child across the room and nearly killed them. She was forbade to return to the schoolhouse and had to be taught everything by her mother which was rarely because of her being the only baker in the village. As she grew older, schooling was replaced by the mundane task of making bread.


One day while retrieving water from the stream behind Dracanisa's home, the two of them were kidnapped by a red robed, hooded man. He rarely showed his face or any skin. Barely spoke for the first few days the two kids were with him. He fed and sheltered them, but never revealed his purpose for them, just his name, Akmayle. After a few days he began teaching them how to fend for themselves. He helped Dracanisa have some control over her abilities and toughened up Mikale with sword and bow training. Taught them both to hunt, skin animals, and dry and preserve meats and berries so that they could be eaten at a later time.


As time passed and they travelled further away from Kado, they grew stronger and developed a deeper connection because they really only had each other. The three of them reached a small town called Nihm, one of the three small cities where the Lo'nier people lived. The Lo'nier people were smaller in stature but greater in ability. They practiced hand to hand combat and although they were small, they were strong. A young girl named Akaya tried to steal from the three foreigners in the city and ended up getting caught up with the law and joined the three of them because she had never seen a purple haired human before and wanted to know more about her. Despite Akmayle's protests, she followed them anyhow.


Another few weeks passed and the four of them reached the capital city, where the castle of the King sat, Haven. Haven sat surrounded by rich lands and was neatly farmed and the city was kept clean. The walls seemed to sparkle in the light, the stone that built the walls were nearly pure white and enhanced the beauty of the surrounding rolling hills forests. It was here tears were shed and unknown secrets were revealed from the past. They met a Merchant of the Drow, or the Dark Elves, who called herself Blade. There she confronted the group about Mikale. It was decided, mostly by Blade, that Mikale would remain with her in the city where he would be taken under the long bright folds of clothing on her arm and learn to become a Drow and take his place in the world.


After Haven, Dracanisa and Akaya were taken to the Elven lands. It was here Dracanisa was left with the High Elves who taught her how to read and write proficiently. She learned to speak Elvish, and she learned efficient military strategy through ways that had nothing to do with the military (riddles, mind strengthening games, etc). She was taught the healing magicks and basic herbal remedies through their wisdom. Although the Elves do not have religion, they believe all life is sacred and food should be sought from the lands. But meat is still important to be strong, so she was taught sacred rituals of killing. She picked up on these habits and she also learned of her heritage. Akmayle disappeared shortly after she learned that he was her true father and Krynn was not her birth mother. It was difficult to understand that her powers had been locked by the elves when she was young and that her time in the elven lands when she was very young had been erased from her memories. She had fleeting glances, visions, memories, dreams of her past, but never truly understood them. It was here through hard training she was able to unlock her true powers, where she came in control of them all and she transformed into her dragon form for the first time. She had never felt so strong before.


As time went on, and a very long sequence of events occurred, later she was taken into the dragon kingdom, the mountains that resided in the center of the continent where she would go on to become the true heir of her kingdom, taking the place of her late mother, Syria.

Mikale by Dracanisa

Full Name: Mikale Nidalap

Aliases/Nickname (if any):

Title/Occupation: Alchemist/ Merchant/ Mercenary

Age/Date of Birth:  27

Sex: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Race/Ethnicity: Human/ Drow

Skin-tone: Tan

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 180

Build:  Muscular, slender

Eyes: Upturned, Light yellow with specks of gold and green

Hair: Black, kinda spikyish, past ears

Clothes Style: Wears light clothing of deep reds and blacks while working as a mercenary, bright vibrant reds lined with oranges yellows and mid-blues while working as a merchant. Loose clothing styles similar to those of nobility. Heavy robes are worn typically.  While in mercenary clothes, he wears a red tunic with black pants and boots and belt.

Tattoos/Markings/Piercing/Scars: Gained tattoos when he was returned to the Drow and trained as a mercenary. Training resulted in scars on his back and arms. He has a small nick on his left ear and on his chin. Barely noticeable. His ears are pierced with gold studs.

Religion/Beliefs: No religion. No practiced beliefs. Grew up being taught the way of the Drow, basically to fend for yourself and be able to earn the food you eat.

Political Affiliation: None. Politics do not concern him as long as he can still work and earn the money for food and be able to buy and sell products in the human cities.

Education: Basic reading and writing. Understands Alchemy. Is well versed in the ways of swords and bows, also herb gathering and very light magic use (only knows how to make the potions and poisons he was taught to make).

Languages Spoken: Common, Duraglos

Weapons: Mainly one handed sword. Bow used mainly for hunting or stopping a target from running away.

Special Skills/Abilities: quick with using a sword. Mastering Alchemy and making different postions and poisons. Cannot use any magic but simple ones to make his products.

Hobbies: Woodcarving. Hunting animals for fur trade and meat trade. Gathering herbs for his master and constantly worrying about the girl he loves, Dracanisa.

Habits: Observing everything and keeping tabs on different people. He doesn't learn very fast and it causes his master to smack him upside his head all of the time. He also has bad habits of not keeping his station clean and organized. Getting smacked against his head even more. He also can't really sleep some nights because since childhood, he had never been apart from Dracanisa except when he was locked in his closet of a room.


Backstory: Mikale was born in the village of Kado to an abusive mother. Unbeknownst to him, he was a product of the renegade Drow raids against humans and part of a sexual assault that lead to his mother's depression and untamed anger. He was locked away in a closet for most of his life, just as his mother had been so when her parents found out she was pregnant. She beat and starved him, but could never kill him as it was against the laws of the village. When he wasn't locked away, he would wander out through the village and he was alone almost all of the time. When he was seven, a young girl with purple hair and purple eyes was selling bread with her mother. The little girl had noticed Mikale peeking around a barrel in an alley and he was eying the bread. She ignored him for the most part, but when he shrank back around the corner she told her mother and they both brought him a part of a loaf and it was then that he and Dracanisa became friends. Every day he would go to that booth and every day she would share with him her food. As the next nine years they became close as ever and he even started helping her mother with selling things and gathering water from the stream behind their house and helping carry the wheat from the market to their home. Instead of calling her Dracanisa, he called her Drayke.


One day, they were gathering water from the stream when both he and Dracanisa were kidnapped by a hooded man. As scared as they were, he took them far from the village and neither one of them knew their way back. The man who revealed himself as Akmayle, taught them to fend for themselves, but never let them out of their sight. Eventually, they came across a Lo'nier city where a girl Mikale thought was rather annoying whose name was Akaya, joined them. She seemed to be fascinated with Dracanisa, but always looked at him strangely and even though she had a big mouth and didn't stop talking, she would stutter around him and run away. But she always followed Dracanisa like a small dog.


When they reached their next destination, Haven, he had never seen so many people before in his life. It was the capital of the human world, the place where the king resided. It was clean and well kept, its walls illuminated everything and there were bright colors and people wore bright clothing. They all looked at him strangely like they were wary of him, and one shop owner even refused him service. Throughout the time they spent in this city, which was awhile, he always felt like he was being watched. Not because of his tan skin, black hair and yellow eyes, but for something he couldn't quite put his finger on. One day while he was out walking around a very flamboyant woman approached him. She had the same yellow eyes as him, but she was blonde and very tall. She studied him before asking why he was in the city with humans and "the purple haired demon". He jumped to Dracanisa's defense, as he always had when people insulted or questioned her, but she waved down his anger with a fan in her hand. She simply wanted to know why has was alone and without other Drow. He had never heard of the Drow before.


It was here that he learned that they were the dark elves from the desert and he learned his true heritage. It was life changing, to say the least and after much thought and discussion with Dracanisa, she convinced him to stay and work under this strange woman who called herself Blade. She was an alchemist and well-known merchant with the nobles who lived in  and around the palace. It was from then on she took him under her brightly clothed arm and taught him the way of Alchemy, the way of the Drow and he worked under her. He did learn sword art from the Drow and also became a for-hire mercenary when needed. But his skill was unprecedented, and his fee so high, he wasn't hired often. But because of the coin that he charged his employers, he didn't need to do things often.

Akmayle by Dracanisa

Full Name: Akmayle Capara Rigora

Aliases/Nickname (if any): The moon demon

Title/Occupation: Assassin

Age/Date of Birth: Long forgotten, many thousands of moons.

Sex: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Race/Ethnicity: Uragi(Compared to Native Americans), Demon

Skin-tone: White

Height: 6' 7"

Weight: 240

Build:  Very muscular

Eyes: Red

Hair: Long, White

Clothes Style: Always wears Red Robes and pants with heavy brown boots. Has a belt to hold his massive sword and array of throwing knives. Very thick but light clothing, never removes his hood. Wears brown gloves and never shows his body.

Tattoos/Markings/Piercing/Scars: No tattoos or piercings, but his body is completely covered in scars. Except his face, which has a very thick scar running across his face. From the top left of his eyebrow to the bottom center of his chin.

Religion/Beliefs: No religion, it was abandoned long ago. His belief only lies in the money he collects from his bounty's.

Political Affiliation: Go where the money is. Stays out of kingdom wars.

Education: Can read and write Common, Dwarven, Duraglos, Elvish, Urian, Loni,  and the ancient language of the witches. Well versed in arts of war, most ancient fighting techniques, and poetry.

Languages Spoken: Same as above.

Weapons: Mainly his beast of a sword. Can command and summon fire.

Special Skills/Abilities: Master of fire. Master of the sword. Very stealthy, has never failed in assassinating someone. Can hide inside shadows. Mental intimidation, can insert fear and darkness in the minds of his enemies, completely incapacitating them or to make them lose their sanity.

Hobbies:  Meditating to strengthen his mental focus. Doesn't care about anyone but himself and Dracanisa.

Habits: Doesn't speak much. Is extremely quick to anger. Possesses a boiling hatred for all living things. Especially the ancient witches. He is aimed on possessing as much power and skill as he can possibly manage.


Backstory: Akmayle was born and raised on a continent from across the sea. He lead a normal life up until a love interest of his was taken by a neighboring tribe along with all the other women of his tribe. The warriors were slain, the village burned and the children all taken as slaves for the other tribe. He was given to a family. A man named Onger and his daughter named Krynn. They were kind to him but still made him work, while they worked alongside him. He was not allowed to see any of the other children he grew up with, as they were slaves to other families. Some of the stronger boys were made into warriors and the girls were given to the warriors to be their wives, mostly against their will. Not all of them protested, however. The girl he was in love with was given to their tribal leaders son, and when she refused to wed him, he took her by force. She gave birth to a son, and then shortly afterwards took her own life. It scarred Akmayles soul to the point where he was desperate to get revenge on the tribal leader.


He ran away into a deep forest where he met a forest witch. An ancient creature neither good nor bad. He pleaded for the strength to revenge his fallen love and she both cursed and blessed him. He was given the strength he needed to kill the leader and the leader's son and become temporarily immortal. The deal was that this power boost would last until they were dead, but if he allowed his hate and anger to consume him during battle, he would be cursed to be an earth-bound demon. When he took his revenge and challenged the leader and his son to a fight he killed both of them violently with rage in his eyes and by the time he was finished beating and stabbing the both of them, his body was covered in blood. He stood and cried his anguish to the skies and his body was consumed by fire. It was here his curse took over. He would be consumed by his rage and hatred. The village scattered around him, except Onger and Krynn stayed with him. He was powerful, angry, scared and alone.


They traveled around looking for a new home, but everyone feared him and would not allow him into their villages and refused them all. So they traveled across the sea and came to know a different kind of people. They watched the humans drive out the dwarves and elves. Watched the world war with itself and the fall of the dwarves and the retreat of the elves. Watched kingdoms grow and fall. Somehow, his curse was passed to the old man and his daughter. They never aged, never grew sick, and were able to heal their own wounds much faster than normal humans. Akmayle decided this was not the life they signed up for. Krynn was never able to bear a child because of the curse and lost the man she loved very much, because he wanted a wife that could have children to run his farm. So he departed from them with a hard goodbye. He was hoping that the curse would wear off of them, but it never did.


He came to meet the Dragons. They were powerful beasts that lived by the thousands within the mountains and did not tolerate intruders on their land. He came to know them and their mistrust of the races. The Dwarves wanted the precious metals within the rich mountains, which would require tearing them apart, the elves wanted their magic essence and scales for their own gain, and the humans wanted them dead because their population was booming and they were in need of the food that the dragons ate. He took form of a dragon and helped abate the invasion of humans. Taught the dragons the ways of war and established a military that increased the intelligence of the dragons and brought them closer together so that they were no longer cornered in a trap and killed by humans. It was during his time there he met a white dragon named Syria. A feeling he hadn't felt in a very long time returned to his hardened heart. He fell in love. She was the queen of the dragons.


 They had a matriarchal society, lead by females. It took him a very long time to court her. Mainly because dragons mate only once every couple hundred of years. When they were finally courted, she laid an egg. What he didn't know is that there can only be one queen. And if the queen dragon lays an egg with a female dragon, the next heir, she dies. Syria died shortly after laying a bright purple egg. During the transitioning time, between the laying of the egg and the time when the hatchling is old and wise enough to lead their clan, three elders controlled the kingdom. They had opposed the courting with an outsider and because the queen was dead, they refused to incubate the egg but they told the other dragons that he and the egg he carried must be destroyed.


 This egg being his daughter, he ran to his friends, the elves, and they helped incubate the baby inside until she hatched. A good sixty years or so passed before the egg hatched a small purple dragon. But as soon as it broke out of the shell, the baby took on a humanoid form, with wings and tail. The elves were confounded and demanded an explanation. After Akmayle told about his curse, they discussed overnight what to do with the two of them. They decided to take the baby and teach it, but Akmayle would have to not be in the child's life. He left his daughter with them, but before he left, he named her Dracanisa.

Akaya by Dracanisa

Full Name: Akaya Renishi

Aliases/Nickname (if any): N/A

Title/Occupation: Lady Akaya

Age/Date of Birth: 20

Sex: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Race/Ethnicity: Lo'Nier

Skin-tone: Cream, verging onto tan, but not quite yet

Height: 4' 9"

Weight: 110Lbs

Build:  Slender

Eyes: unhooded, asian-like, Green with specks of yellow

Hair: Dark brown, short, past jaw and straight. No particular style.

Clothes Style: She wears very light clothing. Not very warm. Colors of pale yellows and light, tan-orange colored. Wears light shoes so you can't really hear when she walks. Shirt with skirt, one piece outfit, has arm covers that start from mid upper arm and flare out near her wrists.. Wears an orange scarf with blue embroidery around her waist like a belt while in a light yellow and flowing ceremonial gown.

Tattoos/Markings/Piercing/Scars: No tattoos. No piercings. However, when going into battle, she will paint herself up with "war makeup". Blue paint with orange markings, yellow is painted over and around the eyes, with black over the eye lids and it is in the shape of wolf eyes. Hands, neck and feet up to the knees are painted black, any other exposed skin is painted blue.

Religion/Beliefs: The Lo'Nier worship the sky God. The god provides everything life needs to live, but is very vegeful. One must pray before and after battle. And for every enemy killed, they must honor them and pray for their souls to reach the other side of the mountain safely. They believe life is a battle. You must fight to live. But honor one another.

Political Affiliation:  Only believes in her government. The human kingdoms only care for their king, an individual is left to decide for an entire population. The Lo'Nier nation is ruled by a representation of each district. With three cities, there are 32 districts. They all come together to care for the entire nation as a whole. Helping each other to strengthen their warriors and people to produce healthy smart individuals. This is why their nation flourishes more than the humans.

Education: Extremely educated. Can read and write in all languages, great with charisma and speaking to people. She is well versed in history and geography.

Languages Spoken: Common, Dwarven, Duraglos, Elvish, Loni

Weapons: Small knives and hand to hand combat

Special Skills/Abilities: She is fast and stealthy.

Hobbies: Exploring and sketching things.

Habits: She has to stop and sketch things that are new to her or things that she doesn't understand. She is also very naive and overly carefree. She doesn't understand danger very well. She also doesn't stop talking.


Backstory: Akaya is the daughter of a noble. She was raised in a rich setting with maids and she was treated like royalty. She spend most of her life improving herself, practicing arts and being educated in many things. From history of her people and the other races to the way the land changes and its layout. She is also versed in the fighting style of the warriors. Even females are taught arts of war because when the nation is under danger, it is good for the people to be able to defend themselves and not need to evacuate and have to have protection from an army. Females fight differently than the males. The females are smaller and faster so they use light weaponry and are better taught hand to hand combat, mostly to incapacitate the enemy, where the males can fight them longer because they are stronger and can use heavier yet slower weapons.


Akaya thought a life of learning within the walls of her home was extrordinarily boring and she didn't really care to be pampered all of the time. She would constantly leave her home to explore the town and she eventually wandered into other districts. Of course, she was scolded and kept on lockdown for days at a time, but she would still go out time and time again. He father gre annoyed with her and eventually forced her to exhaust herself day to day with combat exercises. It made her stronger and faster, but she hated it. She learned to execute any attack order and formation nearly perfectly, but it still was not enough for her father. She was schooled each day in learning all languages and writing.


One day she grew very frustrated with her father and left the palace, travelling to the eastern most city. It was there she bumped into a very strange purple haired girl. Never had she seen a hair color, or heard of a human with such a color of hair and it fascinated her. She felt that she had to learn more and even get to know the girl. Since she was never going back to her fathers palace, she decided that she would follow them, whether they liked it or not. She followed them while they were in the city, and when they left she followed them. They protested heavily, especially the scary man in the robes, but she didn't stop pestering and following them until they had no choice but to allow her to join them. She bonded with the purple haired girl, whose name was Dracanisa, a very different name compared to most humans. She had magic powers, ones that neither humans, nor the Lo'Nier people had. She decided that since Dracanisa was a mouthful, she would call her Draykey, for short.


Akaya and Draykey bonded well, but the boy with the yellow eyes was always closer to her. They had a connection for sure, but one that Akaya could never replace. As time passed and they grew older, Akaya began to develop feelings for the quiet boy who called himself Mikale. She really liked him, but she knew that a relationship would never happen. Because he was so close with Draykey. She never could grow out of the fact that she would never have him as a lover, but a friend was good enough. Besides her constant talking annoyed him and she felt that he hated her on some level.


Time passed after Mikale left their group to stay in Haven, she became Draykey's shoulder to lean on since he was gone. When they came to the Elven lands, she was so beyond fascinated with all the new plants and animals and magic within their borders, she learned about how the elven history and their place in the world. The elves revered her fascination with learning all about the other races. The elves knew of the Lo'Nier people, but had never known one because the human lands laid between theirs and the Lo'Nier lands. They learned as much about her and her people as she learned about the Elven people.


After a long time had passed, she became Dracanisa's best friend over time and became almost like her consciousness and a very important advisor and outside voice when Dracanisa took her position within the Kingdom of Dragons.

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Its been one hell of a year. I have been living on my own for a year now, met some awesome friends, made some enemies, and ate a lot of chipotle. Hundreds of dollars in chipotle... not healthy. But thus is the life of the college student.

I am halfway through my college degree and I'm still going strong. I have family back home rooting for me, along with an amazing man that I couldn't ask for anyone better. I have a job and mostly supporting myself. My roommate actually feeds me that majority of the time, and my two dads will send money every once in awhile. And that is when I eat steak. A nice, juicy, expensive steak of delicious... Mmm...

Working on some more pictures for everyone to peruse with their eyeballs. Going to be my final for yet another class. If you have tumblr, you should totally follow me at Artsy-Fartsy Things. I post all kinds of references for one to look upon.

Until next time,

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